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Between developing and delivering course materials, online teachers need to keep track of many things including managing enrollment, tracking progress reports, completion rates, and many other. 

Managing everything from different platforms is really difficult for online trainers and tutors. That’s where Learning Management Systems are introduced.

A Learning Management System, commonly called as LMS, empowers tutors to distribute and manage every size and type of learning material to students on any device; be it mobile or desktop. And since 2008, many cloud-based LMS programs have made things further easier for both students and tutors. 

So What is LMS?

A learning management system (LMS) allows online trainers or tutors or institutions like you to curate, design, distribute and track course materials of any kind, on any device, to anywhere; delivering with unprecedented reach and flexibility.

Since the invention of first LMS software for MacIntosh platform in 1990, LMS has evolved and has become more powerful; empowering online education institutes for managing complex databases, managing curriculum, developing training materials, and using evaluation tools. 

It’s a powerful tool for extension schools, staffing and training, educational institutes, individual tutors and any corporation seeking to continuing education of its workforce. 

Whether hosted on an internal server of an organization or in the cloud, LMS enable trainers and tutors to rapidly reach and monitor students like never before. 

The Growth of LMS Market

Learning Management Systems continue to grow and evolve.

In 2021, the Learning Management System market is forecasted to be worth more than $15.72 billion. 

As per a recent report, 41.7 percent of global Fortune 500 companies now use some form of educational technology to instruct employees during formal learning hours.

It illustrates that LMS has played a vital role in revolutionizing and changing the way that we look at learning skill acquisition. 

A List of Popular Learning Management Software Solutions

There are more than thousand LMS vendors available in the market. In this article, we will help you choose and compare the top LMS software of the eLearning industry.

Here are 5 best LMS software solutions of 2019 and beyond

1. TalentLMS

TalentLMS is one of the most popular LMS software solutions list. It is a cloud LMS that is a perfect solution for learning programs for anyone; partners, employees and customers. 

Supporting an array of content types, TalentLMS is an intuitive platform that offers a comprehensive feature set that includes video-conferencing, notifications, course selling, gamification, branches, and extensible user profiles. It is easy-to-use but is also loaded with powerful reporting and analytics features to help you to monitor and keep track.

It also has native apps for iOS and Android – allowing users access it from anywhere and any device. 


TalentLMS pricing starts at $29 a month billed annually. To give it a try before purchasing, you can easily sign up for free trial; limited upto 5 users and upto 10 courses.

What makes TalentLMS Unique?

  1. Blended learning. Accommodates both instructor-led training and online learning. One can blend both video-conferencing and classroom setting.
  2. Homepage builder. You can customize your learning portal with a homepage to highlight whatever you want such as messages and offers.
  3. Comprehensive but intuitive feature set. It has all the standard and advanced tools of an LMS from Course Authoring to social media integration and still maintains an intuitive UI for non-technical users.
  4. eCommerce. One of the few LMS solutions that allows you to sell online courses. The platform integrates with PayPal or Stripe.
  5. Enterprise-grade. It offers advance features like Single Sign-On, Branching and custom user types.

2. Docebo

A simple LMS solution, Docebo, has off-the-shelf modules and mobile support that enables user to quickly design, upload and distribute your course materials to learners across the globe. 

Ideal for all type of employee trainings, customer tutorials and business presentations, Docebo supports Tin Can API, SCORM and AICC. 

The LMS solution offers an array of feature to enhance the distribution and learning experience. It also has the Coach & Share feature that empowers learners to ask questions and get answers from experts of the organization. 

Additionally, Docebo can easily be integrated with your HRM, CRM, web conferencing tools and social media channels.


Docebo Learning Management System free for 14 days and can even schedule a demo.  Docebo pricing starts at $3.33 Per User Per Month for 300 Active Users.

What makes Docebo unique?

  1. Coach and Share. Employees can ask questions and receive answers from experts 
  2. Multiple admin. A team of administrators can share access control, giving you options to delegate tasks to different teams.
  3. Scalable. It allows you to scale the features based on your requirements.
  4. Salesforce integration. You can integrate it with your CRM and measure the effectiveness of your training.
  5. eCommerce. Using the LMS, you can even sell online courses or repurpose content for other audience groups.

3. LearnUpon

LearnUpon has been designed to effectively optimizing the e-learning experience through interactive courses such as surveys, quizzes, polls, and questions. 

This LMS solution even enables users to divide each class into groups – allowing them to allocate different catalogs and assignments depending on the preferred criteria. 

LearnUpon also has built-in dashboards that allow tutors and trainers to see the progress of their pupils over time. It can also support numerous integrations; be it CRM, G Suite tools, eCommerce tools, or social media networks. 


TalentLMS pricing starts at $399 a month billed annually. To give it a try before purchasing, you can easily sign up for free trial

What makes LearnUpon unique?

White-Labeling Solutions. Using LearnUpon, you can completely overhaul the look and feel of your online courses through white-labeling. This makes your lectures look more professional; it also allows you to gain a more visual identity to anyone who will make use of your courses.

Intuitive Course Builder. LearnUpon has a user-friendly course builder that allows users to design engaging and interactive lectures. It can support texts, images, videos, and other types of files to make your courses better than ever.

Mobile-Responsive Lectures. You can give your learners the option to peruse your lessons wherever they may be using LearnUpon. This software allows you to create mobile-responsive courses, so it is easier for both you and your students to access.

Gamification Options. Another way to make your courses more exciting for students is through LearnUpon’s gamification features. With this, you can give top learners incentives for their achievements as well as facilitate a friendly competition between students.

4. Mindflash

A cloud-based learning management solution, Mindflash is geared at providing trainers with a streamlined system for all size of training programs. Allowing you to create an unlimited number of online courses, MindFlash also lets you upload existing learning modules and automatically convert into an online course. You can even update live courses using Mindflash’s live course edit feature.


You can try all premium features of Mindflash at no cost with its free trial. Its pricing starts at $599 a month billed annually. 

What makes Mindflash unique?

  1. Unlimited online course. With Mindflash, you can create an unlimited number of online courses including customized, templated, or courses converted from existing files or formats such as animated PowerPoint presentations, YouTube videos, SCORM, MP3, and more.
  2. Supports all types of files. Make your learning modules even more interesting and enticing by adding more dynamic elements such as videos and animations.
  3. Free data storage. Data storage is completely free, which means you can keep and access user data, training history, etc. in an indefinite amount of time free of charge.
  4. Easy file conversion. Upload your existing learning files to Mindlflash and the system will automatically convert them into online courses.

5. eFront

eFront is a powerful LMS platform for enterprises – offering advanced security features and extensive customization. With eFront, you can easily train large numbers of employees, partners, students and customers. 

Giving you a complete control over your virtual training environment, eFront offers multiple ways to distribute and evaluate knowledge


eFront pricing starts at $750 a month billed annually or can even be customed as per requirement. 

What is unique about eFront?

Branding and control. With this application, control is in your hand. You can design the theme to look like your brand. You can branch the audience to allow only relevant content to be utilized. It is a scalable solution that is great for small and big organizations alike.

Flexible learning and training. Trainer-led courses can be conducted in person or over video feed. The rich communication modes provided by the system creates the bridge between instructors and learners and as a result getting feedback about training is simple.

A new-age LMS: gamification. In order to motivate learners, the software makes learning like a game where they can achieve stuff. Through points, badges and leaderboards, they create a sense of competition which in turn taps the full potential of the trainees.

Content interoperability. eFront has the latest industry standards for interoperability of contents and you can easily reuse any of it as much as you like. You can purchase scads of courses to use that cover virtually every topic from basic computer skills to ethics in the workplace, every kind of learning material is available.

Some of the other popular LMS software solutions are:

  1. iSpring Learn
  2. WorkWize
  3. TalentCards
  4. SkyPrep
  5. LitmosLMS
  6. Edmodo
  7. Schoology
  8. Canvas LMS
  9. Blackboard
  10. Moodle

The Future of LMS

The LMS market is growing. With increase eLearning demand, LMS solutions continues to evolve – adapting technological capabilities and learning challenges. Users of LMS software are expecting future enhancements of the technology to make the task easier and efficient. 

The future of LMS appears to be a dynamic one.

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